About Us

The Go-To Salon for Kids in Snohomish County

Kids Kuts LLC has grown to be the salon of choice of many discerning parents for getting their child’s haircut. We are located in Everett, WA.

We have worked with many kids since 2003. Having restless small children sit through their session is a challenge that we’re more than capable of taking on. We take pride in being able to give great haircuts so that both parents and their kids leave our salon happy and satisfied.

Mission Statement

At Kids Kuts LLC, we know that patience and, sometimes a little distraction, is the key to a successful, fun, and enjoyable haircut experience. We treat all of the kids and toddlers who come to our salon kindly, understanding their needs and preferences to achieve the look that will suit them best.

How We Started

Cornelia, a licensed cosmetologist and also our company owner, once dreamed of running a salon that caters especially to kids. In 2003, Kids Kuts LLC was established. We aim to make the entire haircutting experience fun and not scary for children.


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